Sunday, March 7, 2010

Honoring our Lakota of Life - Giving the youth and young warriors back hope to prevent suicide

As everyday goes on i feel more impowered to reachout to all the brother and sisters of the world. Our Lakota Youth are the most crucial part of our Nation. As well as all people in the Nation. I sit and wonder what people really know about our reservations beside what the American School taught them. I feel it's time to re-educate the world about our Native world as we have been forgotten way to long.

The Lakota traditions are alive and theres hope for our people. The youth and Lakota people are handling what is layed upon us the best they can with spirituality and culture. We ride our horses, we sing our songs and practice the ceremonies. The pride in their hearts is keeping them alive. But we need more than just pride to survive. As the Lakota Nations we need to impower one another. This life of being forgotten has to stop now.

In the Old days man and women had their roles they served. They had a place in the Tiospaye (Community). Even down to the children. Elders would teach the young ones. And the adults would take the time to show the young ones how to do things. We all know that we can't go back fully to the old ways. But we can still be traditional inside our homes and community with the values,ceremonies and culture.

We all know that the systems is designed to work against us as native people. It was never designed to let us be equal. Our native people deserve a chance to be heard. Our children have a right to be succesful and live healthy lives. Why do we have to leave our reservations to be succesful and have jobs? Our ancestors gave their lives to protect us. They did not want to sign the treaties as they knew they would never be honored. And we see it today, the unjustice our people have faced and still face.
And now our children are trying or committing suicide. Something has to be done if now when?

We as the people need to make a change for all future generation. This is not about war or fighting it's about living in peace and harmony with one another. It's about bringing hope back the the Lakota communities families. Our young warriors and youth don't need to take their own lives anymore. I pray that one day soon things will change for us as Lakota's. Hold your way of life close, it is ours. The creator gave it us! Honoring our way of life we can help the youth and young warriors reclaim their idenities. Through that is healing.


If i fall would help me get back on my feet?
If i am cying would you wipe my tears?
If i am feeling down would you comfort me?
If i am hungry would you feed me?
If i need a safe place to rest my head would you open the door?
If i am wounded would you leave me behind?
If the world condems me would you do the same?
If my skin is brown would you judge me?
If no one hears my cries would you give me voice to be heard?
if i asked you to show me a better way of life would you?
If needed a teacher would you take the time to teach me?
If nobody understands me would you want too?
If i am in the dark would you give me light to see?
If i wasn't your child would you love me like your own?
If i didn't understand my own pain would help me understand it?
If i messed up and hurt you would you forgive me?
If i call out for you to come for the greatest battle would you fight by my side?
If i wasn't able to fight would you fight for me, and all genrations to come?

" In memory of our brothers and sisters who took their own lives may you alway rest in peace"

By Autumn Two Bulls

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