Sunday, March 7, 2010

Take A Stand Against Poverty & Suicide in Lakota Country

Autumn TwoBulls: Take a Stand Against Poverty & Suicide in Lakota Country join us in Calling The White House ~202 456 1111

Autumn TwoBulls: Take a Stand Against Poverty & Suicide in Lakota Country join us in Calling The White House ~202 456 1111 This is the time when my people should be treated fair and with justice. Support the Sweet Grass Suicide Provention Program here in Pine Ridge Reservation This is an epmidemic among Lakota Country please give our Lakota Youth a Voice for Hope! Follow -Up Call In to White House Tuesday March 2, 2010 Help bring a voice to the Lakota Nation in the matters Poverty and Suicide on the Pine Ridge Reservation/Contact White House To Friends, Relations and supporters., Thank you for the overwhelming response to our White House Call In last Tuesday 2/16 and again on Friday. Over the last while, you have seen and heard of the terrible situations and conditions on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Again, I am asking you to come make your voice be heard.Last Tuesday all of you overwhelmed the Comment line 202 456 1111. On Tuesday, March 2, 2010, please take the time to call in again.We need to keep this subject on the President's "Radar" and this is a way for us to be heard. Tell President Obama of the awful conditions facing my people here on Pine Ridge. Tell him the Oglala Sioux Tribe Declared a State of Emergency on Suicide in December Remind him of the promises that he has made to the First Nations/Native American people. Promises waiting to be fulfilled. When you call the comment line tell them about the grinding poverty rates, the 80% unemployment and the desperation that is leading so many of our people and youth to commite suicide. We are asking that Aide is brought to our Lakota Nation in these matters.

1: When you make your call, please be respectful

2: State in your call Why you are calling, i.e., Suicide and povertyon the Pine Ridge Reservation, etc

3: State that you would like to know what the President can do about this.

4: Remind respectfully that the President made promises to the First NationsNative American People during his campaign.

Help us to be heard again, we've only just begun use our voice. Together we can make a difference for the people. One voice together, loud enough for the President to open his mind and his heart to my people, the Lakota Nation of Pine Ridge Reservation. Please begin calling during buisness hours which are 9am - 4 pm Eastern time.

Keep calling and emailing all day. I am so grateful for the support in this effort to help Our Lakota Nation be heard. Lets work together as one voice Pila Unyape, Wopila Tanka Echichiyape Respectfully, Autumn Two Bulls Oglala

Lakota of Pine Ridge South Dakota PHONE THE WHITE HOUSE: 202 456 1111 Faced with rash of suicides, OST President Two Bulls declares an emergency In an emotional appeal to the people of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Oglala Sioux Tribe President Theresa Two Bulls declared a state of emergency Thursday in the face of overwhelming numbers of suicides and suicide attempts on South Dakota's largest reservation. _________________________________________________________________________ Here is a video which will break your heart. Please understand that your great Nation, the United States has failed to live up to the legally binding contracts that they entered into with these Sovereign Nations, and here is the result: Imagine living here now, we have been battered with storm after storm over the past months. Children, Elders, the Disabled..... Chief Teresa TwoBulls declared a State of Emergency weeks ago, as conditions have become unbearable in a very harsh winter. The White House is silent. Where is the HOPE that President Obama has promised? Where is HOPE for the Lakota? Here is the President's Opening words to the Tribal Nations Conference last November. H.E.L.P. (Helping Every Lakota Person) This group

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  1. This is an evil that affects not only the Native American nation, but also various tribes of the world, I say because in my ethnicity also have this problem that worsens each see, I hope one day our young people have a different future!