Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Helping the families of the Pine Ridge Reservation
Give them a helping hand out of Poverty
This is Cassy Warriors Intreview about living in Poverty and her struggles

Cassy beaded earrings she sells to get food for her family.
Everyday i try to reach out to my Lakota sisters. I want them to know that they are not alone in their struggles. I myself understand clearly about poverty. I recently met a young Lakota lady. Her name is Cassy. She is 23 years old with 2 children. She is a bright young Lady with alot of dreams. I sat and had lunch with her a few days ago in a local place to eat. I asked her some very truthful questions about the life On the Pine Ridge Reservation. And how she is effected by poverty. So people could understand the real needs. And maybe i could get her some help. So here's the intreview

Autumn: Cassy, can you tell me with a few words how you feel about living here on the rez?

Cassy: Um, a few words. Well, i would have to say hard, strong, and sad.

Autumn: So explain why you answered those 3 words Cassy express how you feel to me. I really want other people to understand and know how you feel my sister.

Cassy: I said those 3 words becasue that's what first came to my mind. Hard because everyday when i wake up it's a struggle just to get things done and for people not to think i am a begger. Strong because i have have to be everyday to go on for myself and my kids. And sad because i wish i had a better life.

Autumn: What do you mean better life?

Cassy: Well there are some jobs here but not alot. And i do try to get jobs i tried every where here. And if i got a job in another town i need car and a babysitter. I don't have either. And i sometimes run out of food for my kids. So, i go out to sell my earrings that i make. It's hard to sell them because people here are just not intrested. And if they want to buy them they want them real cheap and they don't understand that i am trying to feed my kids. And to get the supplies to make them is even hard.

Autumn: Can you tell me how you feel about living in poverty?
Cassy: It was something i was born into. So i just except it, it's the way it is. I don't know how to change it but just live in it and do the best i can to take care of my family.
Autumn: Cassy tell me about some of your struggles. Such as things you don't have. Things you really need and why you can't get them?

Cassy: Well my struggles are never ending. Well food is a big one. And, supplies for my kids like pampers, clothes. And, i only have a couple pairs of clothes my self. Winter is coming and it's been real cold. My kids and I don't even have warm clothes or shoes. We walk every where we go,sometimes it gets hard to carry them. Sometimes i wish my kids had a better life. I mean i want them to have a better life. I just don't want them to struggle like this. When i was a kid my mom struggled like this. I remember kids use to make fun of me for wearing old clothes with holes in them. I just don't want my kids to go through that. I remember being hungry alot. So i know how my kids feel. I can't get the things i need because there is no where to get them. I don't have a job so i have no money for anything.
( We had to take a minute because Cassy started to cry)
Autumn: Cassy i want you to know that i am going to get the word out there for you. I want to be able to get help for you not to struggle so much. How do you feel about me doing this?
Cassy: I am thankful that somebody cares about me and my kids. And that i am not alone. You know sometimes i cry myself to sleep worrying about the next day. Autumn you given me some hope i hope you know that.
Autumn: Cassy is there a massage that you would like to share with the world?
Cassy: Yes, why do we have to live like this. I watch the TV sometimes and see all the nice things in the world. Which i know i will never see. I want you all to know that our struggles are real and they do hurt us. I just want to wake up one day and not have to worry so much! I just want my kids to be happy and not suffer any more!
This interview with this beautiful young lady was really hard because she was so truthful about everything. It really touched my heart and when i came home i cried because i know that their many stories like this on our REZ. So i made a care package myself with things around my home for her family. She calls me everyday now and we talk. And i give her support that she needs. She's not alone! I stand with her in her struggles. I will walk and cry with my sisters because i know their pains. I am going to do something about it. I opened up this Blog sit to try to bring awareness to People like Cassy and many others!! Please open your hearts and lay down judgement... I am not affiliated with any Organization. I am just a Oglala Lakota women who truely cares about my people.
If would like to help Cassy and her family here is some info:
Clothing: Womens XL - pants 18- shoes 8 1/2
Kids: Girl 3t shoes 7-8 if possible some toys
Kids Boy 4t shoes 9-10 if possible some toys
Hygene products: Shampoo, body washes, towels, wash clothes, lotion, tooth brushes, tooth paste
Bedding: Blankets, Pillows, sheets, kids blankets
Food: Non-perishable, Dried or Canned
If possible Wal-mart gift cards
Please send to:
C/O Autumn Two Bulls
Cassy Warrior
P.O Box 564 Allen S.D 57714
Call for more info
Wopila Tanka
Autumn Two Bulls
Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge

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  1. How can I buy some earrings? I can send money and a self addressed stamped envelope. Please let me know. jenhawk3@netzero.com. I also have a lot of extra clothes. I am not sure if the clothes will fit Cassy but maybe you could find someone who can take them. Is the PO Box current? I also want to collect items from other households and send them your way.