Monday, August 24, 2009

Lakota Women Takes a Stand to Educate

I give A voice to those who can't or don't have one!

I am a Proud Oglala Lakota Warrior Women from the Pine Ridge Lakota reservation. I was born and raised here. I see everyday what goes on here and how much my people suffer due to poverty. And show you the strength and beauty we still walk with. I take stand and fight for my people to bring awareness about the cruel situations we have to live everyday. The unjustices the we endure. In Bringing awareness we give light to these situations. The time for Change is not near It's now! Working together we can Accomplish great things!

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  1. What laws restrict you? What enforcement agents are there? Is there abuse by these agents? Has the native population been intentionally "diluted" through rape -- or other means of injecting other blood lines into the native population so that most can not say that they are full-blooded Lakota, Shawnee, Cherokee, etc.?