Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Poverty of Pine Ridge Effect Kids the Most

The children of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation are effected the most from Poverty. People in America don't quite understand the depth of the problem that we as Native Americans face. People on the reservation don't chose to live in poverty. It's something they are born into. And, the odds against the person trying to get out are high. So many children use the education systems to find a way out of poverty and oppression. The images that the world puts out about Native Americans is one of the 3. They are all alcoholics, they are rich from casinos, or they don't know we exist. Okay now were is this problem stemming from (The Media) or the main stream picture of natives. Well, i am here to tell you we are not all alcoholics. The people of Pine Ridge don't get money from our casino, and we do exist. We are the forgotten people! Why because we were written out of the American history. Why?..Because they don't want to justify for killing millions of our innocent people. And they don't want to give back stolen lands. So basically we are America's dirty little secret. But not no more! We are here and we stand strong and many support us. The majority is pro-native. And the word is being spread about how you (GOVERNMENT) keep us. And i as a proud Oglala Lakota women will not sit back and see my people suffer no more. My Lakota ancestors were proud people who gave their lives so i could be here today to seek justice for them!! Please take the time to learn the truth about our people. People ask us why can't you just get over it that was a 150 years ago. So what their saying is that STEALING PEOPLE LAND and KILLING innocent people is okay. Well, here i go again. It's not easy to get over your whole life begging taken away. And beat from speaking a language that's has been around for thousands of years. It's not easy to get over when we are still Prisoners of War... We were put on reservation as militant people. The Bill of release prisoner of war was never signed by the American government. We are still live in a concentration camp basically. So why can't the People of the world take the time to understand this? Most of the world knows about Adolf Hitler and what he did to the innocent Jews. Well that's exactly what America Goverment did to us and still is by not passing laws to bring economical development. To bring us out of poverty. Adolf Hitler got the idea of punishing the Jews from the how the American government treated Native people. I am not saying that they worked to gather, he just got the idea that's all.. So please give me feed back people let me know i am getting the message out there. Wopila Tanka Echiciyapi
Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge


  1. I am a student in Eugene,OR and I am doing a informative speech on the conditions of the Pine Ridge Reservation. My heart aches hearing your personal experiences. I am ashamed of the U.S. government, and educational system. In school we were all taught about slavery. In school we were taught about thanksgiving and the mayflower. But that was as far as it went when it came to native american studies. Why do people celebrate Thanksgiving? It was just the begining of a genocide, and broken treaties. I am ashamed to call myself an american. I myself am native american....even tho according to the U.S. I can not call myself that because I am not registered. My grandfather was full Ojibwe, and served for this country. And yet my mother and him would get turned down at resturants because they did not serve there "kind" of people. But I am proud to be native, and this government wont stop be from being proud of my heritage. I am in the Native American student union, and I would like to put together a toy/clothing/food drive for your Reservation. I know winter is coming and there are many essentials that you guys need. Please E-mail me at and tell me how we can help. Mitakuye oyasin

  2. Having a conversation with a friend about this very thing. I have visited the Pine Ridge Reservation on several occassions. Grew up in Rapid City as a child. I know there is poverty and the life there is tough, but please educate me on why that is so. Specifically what the government has and hasn't done. You have a supporter and friend in me.